Brewing Sustainability: A Guide to Sustainable Coffee Habits

Brewing Sustainability: A Guide to Sustainable Coffee Habits

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By Emma Schreiber

Coffee is a daily ritual for many, but its production can have a significant ecological footprint. By adopting sustainable coffee habits, you can reduce your impact on the environment and save money. Here's how:

Choose Ethical and Eco-Friendly Beans: Look for certified organic, fair trade, or rainforest alliance coffee brands that prioritize sustainability. At Java Love, we have a diverse array of options that align with these certifications.

Some of our fair trade certified beans include our Light Roast Ethiopia Sidama, Papua New Guinea, and our Sumatra Mandheling

And some of our Rainforest Alliance beans include our Viennese Blend, and our French Roast Colombia

Invest in a Reusable Coffee Filter: Use a reusable filter instead of disposable paper ones for a richer, eco-friendly brew.

Brew Coffee at Home: Reduce your carbon footprint by brewing at home, where you have control over your beans and brewing method.

Opt for a French Press: French press coffee is eco-friendly, requiring no electricity and producing compostable coffee grounds.

Reduce Single-Use Coffee Pods: Invest in a reusable pod system for your favorite ground coffee to reduce plastic waste, or purchase our compostable K-Cup pods! What truly sets these pods apart is their commitment to sustainability – they are 100% compostable from package to pod. Bid farewell to plastic waste and welcome a greener brewing solution that lets you relish your coffee guilt-free!

Compost Your Coffee Grounds: Coffee grounds are a valuable addition to your compost pile, enriching your soil and reducing waste. If you’re looking for even more ways to get creative with your coffee grounds, check out this blog post

Did you know that Java Love has a compost program? Java Love proudly collaborates with Java’s Compost, a pickup service that simplifies the composting of your used coffee. Java’s Compost also goes beyond coffee – they accept all excess food, including meat and dairy, contributing to ecosystem restoration, carbon sequestration, erosion prevention, and reduced methane production by diverting waste from landfills! Java’s Compost also provides a

convenient drop-off program, offering an on-the-go option for disposing of your compostable waste. If you're outside their service area, fret not! Search for similar businesses in your neighborhood! 

Bring Your Own Cup: When visiting coffee shops, bring a reusable cup to reduce the use of disposable cups and lids. When you bring your reusable cup into our Java Love shops, you’ll get to enjoy any beverage in your cup for the price of a small! We even have a “Bring Your Own Container” program where you can get a full pound of beans for the price of a 12 oz bag every time you bring it back for a refill! 

Support Sustainable Coffee Shops: Choose coffee shops that prioritize sustainability through responsible sourcing and waste reduction. At Java Love, we are dedicated to supporting local and global communities by sourcing coffee beans produced with utmost respect for the environment and farmers.

Our commitment is reflected in our selection of coffees, which are either organic and/or sustainably farmed, fair trade and/or Rainforest Alliance certified. These certifications ensure the highest standards and practices, demonstrating our dedication to treating both people and the land with respect, integrity, and the best sustainable practices.

Read more about our sustainable coffee here

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