Java Love Coffee Roasting Co. was created out of a personal mission and passion.

The mission was for a good cup of coffee in Bethel, NY. The passion was a desire to connect with the community. So, being passionate women on a mission, in 2011, we opened Java Love Coffee Roasting Co. and moved a classic Dietrich 12 kilo coffee roaster into our storefront on Kauneonga Lake. Now, whether you buy it in our shop, or check us out online, we promise you will always get delicious, fresh-roasted coffee. We invite you to stop in to one of our locations and experience first-hand the drama and beauty of coffee roasting. We know you love coffee, but does your coffee love you back? Ours does.

Jodie & Kristine, the owners of Java Love


Our Value

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co. produces the freshest, most exceptional coffee for all our customers. We are known for our small batch roasting so beans travel straight from the roaster to your bag, and shipped out right away. That's fresh!

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co. is committed to Coffee with Integrity. This means we only use the very best Organic, Fair Trade, Naturally Farmed and Rainforest Alliance coffee beans, produced with respect for the environment and the farmers. We roast all our coffee in small batches to maintain the character of the beans and have them bagged and ready for you to enjoy in a few days -- not weeks or months. We focus on having as little environmental impact as possible, so we use compostable service items and recycle up to 95% of waste. Also, as part our commitment to our communities, we donate a portion of our profits to local nonprofit and community outreach programs.

Our History

Java Love, is formerly Hudson Valley Coffee Roasters, Inc., from Newburgh, NY. As homeowners in the Sullivan Catskills, we couldn't get a good cup of coffee – so we set out on an adventure in search of the ultimate coffee and found HVCR who wanted to entrust their business to people who would carry on the same great quality established over their 15-year span.

We fell in love with the beautiful Dietrich IR-12 roaster, bought the business, and moved the roaster and the company to Bethel, NY.

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