Coffee Shop & Cafe In Downtown Montclair, NJ | Java Love Coffee Roasting Co.

Java Love Church Street Coffee Shop Cafe Montclair NJ Location
49 Church Street
Montclair, NJ
7am - 6pm Sunday - Thursday
7am - 7pm Friday - Saturday

About Java Love Coffee Downtown Montclair Location

In the heart of downtown Montclair, lies our Church Street coffee bar location. Surrounded by numerous restaurants and shops, this walkable neighborhood is a family-friendly hot spot. It’s quite common to see local business owners and kids after school enjoying a little love. A lot of kids think Java Love is a cool place to hang out with their friends. It’s also a preferred meeting spot as we often hear "hey let's meet at Java Love before we go to..."

Just like our other shops, we can quell your sweet tooth - we sell these little outrageous yummy things called monuts - buttermilk muffins rolled in cinnamon and sugar - some filled with nutella. They’ve become a “must have” for kids and adults alike.