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Home Brewing Part One

by Keila Montes De Oca, Barista and Video Pro


Since everyone's been stocking up on our beans to stay caffeinated for the long days of social distancing, we figured we'd teach you new ways to make coffee at home! 

Our barista and host Keila will be joined by John Cozz in this week's episode. He'll be showing you how to make a latte using an Italian classic: the moka pot! John's been an employee at Java Love for four years and our coffee roaster for two.  He also makes music that you can find on his Bandcamp (https://bit.ly/2zgtEw5), as well as Spotify. 

NO CONTACT WAS MADE AT ANY POINT FOR THIS VIDEO. In-House Coffee is remotely filmed and edited by our staff while we establish the new normal during the C19 crisis. 

To watch this video click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwTzGGi6bv8

Stay safe, stay inside when you can, and wash your hands! 

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Thank you!

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