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Why we should switch to reusable cups

A Love to Re-Use

I leave my re-usable cup everywhere. I leave it at home, at work, or worse my car, where it sits in my cup holder for weeks on end till I gather the courage to lift the lid and it clean out, but hey – what’s the big deal? When I grab coffee I can always just use a paper cup.

But paper cups are a very big deal. 

America uses 58 billion paper cups every year, and every 2461 cups require 1 tree to be cut down – that’s 23 million trees felled each year for paper cups alone. That translates to 12 billion gallons of water and enough energy to power 53,000 homes a year, all of which goes straight into the trash.

And that is a choice. It is my choice not to run back to my car when I get to the coffee show and realize I have left my cup there. 

Sustainability is an active process, like exercising. It takes practice.

It would be great if my re-usable cup cleaned itself and stayed at my side, but that’s not the case. I must be conscious. I must take care of the things I have, just like we must take care of the planet we have. We must build new habits. 

We get it: being a responsible consumer is hard, and a disposable life style of paper cups is convenient and easy, but Java Love is here to make it easy for you.

We offer a discount to all customers who use a re-usable cup, as well as ensuring that all employees have a re-usable cup and our regularly using it in line with our values. We also offer re-usable coffee jars and discounts to the customers who use them.

During this time of deforestation, with our key eco-systems like the Amazon in jeopardy, Java Love will be monitoring how many paper cups we save with our customers and our partners, and for every 2,000 cups we will plant a tree. But we can’t do it alone.

We need you to join us in the fight for a greener future.

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