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Why should all Coffee Shops ban straws from their stores?

By Java Love

With these last warm days of summer we indulge in an iced coffee, or maybe a strawberry hibiscus tea with a splash of lavender. Whatever your preference, that refreshing drink comes with adverse consequences.  What?! What I’m talking about is plastic specifically: plastic straws.

How to Make the Best Cold Brew Coffee at Home

By Java Love

If you’re wondering how to make the best cold brew coffee at home, you’ve come to the right place. It’s super simple and very pleasing to the palette – not watery or bitter. Cold brew is actually different than iced coffee – which is brewed...

How To Store Coffee - The Right Way

By Java Love

There are four enemies of coffee - temperature, light, oxygen, moisture. For the best cup, start with quality beans (you’re in luck, we have those), and store them properly for maximum flavor and freshness. For starters, buying whole beans does not make you a coffee...

Pura Vida: Coffee in Costa Rica

By Java Love

How do you feel about going to Costa Rica? Those are the exact words my boss and co-founder of Java Love asked me on the phone about two weeks before I departed on a plane to discover where our coffee comes from. I was filled...

5 Ways to Make Your Coffee Habit More Sustainable

By Java Love

Now more than ever, we must all do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle. With just a moment of awareness and these 5 ways to make your coffee habit more sustainable, you’ll be doing your part to help mother earth. Purchase Beans with Integrity...